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Perceptions and Practices of Creativity, Innovation and Change

By Abimbola Babatunde


Many Nigerian companies especially startups have been struggling to survive and have suffered lack of improvement, periodic downsizing and folding up as a result of contact struggle to remain competitive as a result of lack of ICC. On the other hand the Western part of the world has been labeled the Innovation Economy. In spite of governmental and environmental problems faced by the African countries, this there is more than one approach to achieve success in the field of Marketing and general Business Management.

The goal of this research is to create an overview of these perceptions and practices and to see how to further impact organizational growth in terms of more revenue generation and increased market share.
Perceptions and Practices of Creativity, Innovation and Change
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Published: March 19, 2018

Uploaded by: Abimbola Babatunde

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In the bid to achieve competitiveness, sustainability and profitability, several organizations have embarked on innovative and creative move which has either made or marred them. It is truism that not all innovative ideas that take an organization to the promise land some may end up ruining the company when implemented and end up becoming mere waste of time and resources.


Basically, this dissertation will defend that organizations who embrace ICC in the right manner and with the right intention are more productive, more competitive, stand the test of time and are profitable than those who do it with a wrong approach or choose to remain traditional in their approach to doing business.


Secondly, amidst several innovation theories, it shall uphold that open innovation is the most profitable way to innovate as it support creativity and can help to bring the desired change.


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Abimbola Babatunde

Abimbola Babatunde


5.0 (2 reviews)
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