Certificate Without Knowledge as the Bane of Efficient Labour and Productivity in Nigeria: An Ethical Reflection

By Nicholas U. Asogwa



This paper examines the Nigerian education system vis-à-vis the quality of Nigerian graduates in the labour market. It argues that Nigeria’s education curriculum places undue emphasis on the possession of certificates, and that this undue emphasis on certification has made every other value about education secondary to the acquisition of certificates. While noting that it is through education that knowledge or skill is acquired for the development of the individual and the society, the paper contends that the placement of undue value on certificates without the requisite knowledge to defend them has cheapened the pursuit of knowledge, learning and acquisition of relevant skills. It appears that every Nigerian aspiring to go into education has, as his immediate concern, the acquisition of certificate. In a related development, the paper notes that it was the quest to possess certificates at all cost that led to the entrance of “expo” (examination leakage) into our education system. It further argues that besides making nonsense of the noble aims and objectives of examination, examination malpractice has resulted in bad consequences for both the Nigerian education system and the labour sector. Firstly, it has bastardized the image of Nigeria’s education system and that of the graduates it produces before the international communities. Secondly, the high level of intellectual emptiness displayed by most Nigerian workers that are products of this bastardized system has resulted in work inefficiency and low productivity. Seen thus, the paper concludes that education which is supposed to be an instrument for poverty reduction and national development has now been turned into a veritable instrument for human and national underdevelopment. As a solution to the quagmire, the paper suggests that in terms of employment, our government and human resource managers should shift emphasis from paper qualification to the possession of requisite knowledge or skill. Again, there should be massive campaign aimed at value re-orientation of the Nigerian masses.
Certificate Without Knowledge as the Bane of Efficient Labour and Productivity in Nigeria: An Ethical Reflection
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