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By Kenechukwu Nwachukwu


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Abridged Version- Icts and Nigerias Political Developmentdocx
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The electoral process in Nigeria before now manifested a great level of redundancy, one of the causes being the lack of trust in the electoral commission and electoral process which led to the resultant apathy for all things political among majority of Nigerians. There was low political participation among the citizens while at the same time records of election turnouts said otherwise, the political arena was therefore left open for whoever wielded the strongest power to intimidate and suppress his opponents. Among the issues that have been mentioned over and over again are; thuggery and weaponry, multiple voter registrations, violence, ballot box snatching and stuffing, among others. The 2015 general elections saw the introduction of the electronic card reader, the production of microchip-embedded permanent voter’s card and the electronic voter registration system from the 2011 general elections which in very laudable ways reduced the level and nature of fraud involved in the process in the past as a result of massive reliance on the human element. This paper seeks to critically examine the application of information and communication technologies in this process with resultant implications it has had. This article seeks to establish that the reason for the long term failure of the political and electoral process in Nigeria can be attributed to the absence of relevant technologies which their use in recent times has marked the beginning of a solid developmental process. This article will evaluate ICT based electoral system, explore its role in Nigeria’s elections, suggest ways of utilizing its benefits and improve on the achievements made so far.
Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies, electoral process, electronic card reader, permanent voter’s card, electronic voter registration system.

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4.3 (3 reviews)
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